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From May 1 until  August 1, 2012, artist, painter, theatre and television producer Kamagurka will act as curator for a special art project in Bruges: Kamarama. On several locations he will display his own works as well as works of other artists who inspire and fascinate him. It will be an exhibition full of remarkable art, surprising perspectives and a certain amount of humour.

The Arentshuis will act as a live atelier in which Kamagurka will display his own art works. From time to time he will create a new work here, by himself or together with other artists such as David Bade (May 1), Stephen Tunney (May 3 & 4), Werner Mannaers (May 17 & 18), Jeroen Henneman (June 28 & 29), Kati Heck (July 5) and Muzo (July 10 & 11).

In the Garemijn Hall, Kamagurka will display works from artists who inspired and influenced him. He likes to combine historic and contemporary art. He’s also fascinated by international links in art.

You will also see art works in the streets of Bruges such as his ‘accidental’ portraits of fictive people. There will be 12 portraits spread around the Arentshof garden and alongside the Dijver. If you think you recognize a family member, friend or acquaintance in one of the portraits, you can report this on this website. At the end of the project, Kamagurka will choose the one who is the best lookalike of one of his portraits.

Yves Obyn created this very special art work for Kamarama, Oh, Boy!. It represents a crashed Beechcraft Bonanza. A fanatic built his own airplane but because of the poor construction, it quickly crashed. The spectator is a disaster tourist, causing a congestion in the heart of Bruges due to the curiosity factor …

Capitaine Lonchamps (B)
David Bade (NL)
Don Van Vliet a.k.a. Captain Beefheart  (US)
Emile Salkin (F)
Francis Picabia (F)
Fred Bervoets (B)
George Condo (US)
George Grosz (D)
Georges Ribemont-Dessaignes (F)
Herr Seele (B)
J.J. Grandville (F)
James Ensor (B) 
Jan Fabre (B)
Jeff Olsson (S)
Jeroen Henneman (NL)
Kamagurka (B)
Kati Heck (D)
Luc Tuymans (B)
Lucebert (NL)
Marcel Duchamp (F)
Markus Lüpertz (D)
Max Ernst (D)
Muzo (F)
Otto Dix (D)
Pablo Picasso (E)
Paul Joostens (B)
René Daniëls (NL)
René Magritte (B)
Rinus Van de Velde (B)
Roland Topor (FR)
Stephen Tunney a.k.a. Dogbowl (US)
Werner Mannaers (B)
Wim Delvoye (B)
Wim T. Schippers (NL)
Yves Obyn (B)

from Tuesday 5/1/2012 until Wednesday 8/1/2012

Garemijn Hall (City Halls), Market square
Arentshuis at 16, Dijver

Opening hours
every day from 9.30 a.m. until 5 p.m.
closed on Mondays (except on Whit Monday) and on Ascension day during the afternoon
 (5/17/2012 from 1 p.m.)

€ 10: visitors between 26 and 64 years’ old
€ 8: visitors over 65 years’ old and groups of 15 paying people or more
€ 1: youth between 6 and 25 years of age
free: inhabitants of Bruges and children under 5 years’ old

Sales through www.ticketsbrugge.be and at In&Uit Brugge at the ‘t Zand square.

Guided visits for groups
A guide will take you on an exciting tour through the exhibition for 90 minutes.

Languages: Dutch | French | English
price: € 65
maximum number of people per guide: 20
maximum 1 tour every 30 minutes
bookings with Toerisme Brugge from 3/1/2012: a minimum of 3 weeks before the visit:
by e-mail: toerisme.reserveringen@brugge.be
or by fax:  +32(0)50 44 46 45
Guided tours possible from 5/8/2012 between 9.30 a.m. and 3 p.m.; no tours on Sundays
Tickets: see price list above

  • Program Wednesday 2 May

    • Kamagurka memorabilia
      • Kamaboekarama
      • In the public library ‘Biekorf’ you can visit a large selection of the voluminous book oeuvre of Kamagurka. In a few show glasses in the adult comic books section on the ground floor of the library you will see among other things his unfindable debut album ‘Verloren Inkt’, the limited edition (250 copies) silk-screen book ‘De Tweeëige Eenling’ with more than 100 silk-screen prints, a few exclusive Cowboy Henk comics; books with cartoons of Kamagurka in German, French and English and a few very special Kamagurka albums in very limited edition.
        But Kama is more than books alone: this mini-exhibition also contains a few ‘Kama memorabilia’ such as a plaster bust of Cowboy Henk, some record-covers, stamps, watches, T-shirts, badges, special mugs, cups…  All these memorabilia come from private collections and Kamagurka’s own collection.
        Some of Kamagurka’s most remarkable cartoons will also be shown in the library.

        Practical info
        From Wednesday 5/2/2012 until Friday 6/1/2012

        Public Library ‘Biekorf’ at 3, Kuipersstraat, 8000 Bruges

        Opening hours
        from Monday till Friday from 9.30 a.m. till 7 p.m. and on Saturdays from 9.30 a.m. till 5 p.m.

        Free entrance

      • 9u30 till 19u
      • Hoofdbibliotheek Biekorf, Kuipersstraat
  • Program Thursday 10 May

    • (c) Kat Dalton
      • Johnny Dowd
      • Kamarama will also be about music. There will be a club concert of Johny Dowd on May 10 in collaboration with Cactus Muziekcentrum.
        Johnny Dowd made his debut when he was 50 years’ old with mutated country noir and rusty roots rock. His experimental country and Americana can derail into a racket at any time. Johnny’s ominous songs are about cheaters, beggars, murderers and hopelessly in love souls. But they are mainly women. They become part of his absurd humour and hung up stories from the American underground scene. Could it be the perfect soundtrack to a David Lynch film? Or a trip through the wondrous world of Tom Waits, Captain Beefheart and Charles Bukowski? That is something we think about every time we hear his music! Dowd calls ‘No Regrets’, the new album he released on his own label Mother Jinx Records, ‘danceable’.  ‘That is if you can dance and think at the same time.’ The songs are mainly duets and every last one of them is named after important women in his life. ‘Pseudonyms off course, to protect the guilty and the innocent.’

        Practical Info
        Thursday 5/10/2012 at 8 p.m.

        Cactus Club@ MaZ
        27, Magdalenastraat, Sint-Andries

        € 8 in presale
        € 11 at the door
        € 6 with a Cactus Prikkaart
        More info: www.cactusmusic.be

      • 20u till 23u
      • MaZ, Magdalenastraat
  • Program Thursday 12 July

    • sfeerbeeld Filmophetstrand
      • Kamagurkas Films on the beach
      • Every summer since 2006, Brugge Plus and Toerisme Brugge organize Films on the beach in Zeebrugge. On July 12th, Kamagurka will take over control. The beach of Zeebrugge will be a genuine open air cinema where you will see all of Kamagurkas favorite films. Humour will be the thread throughout this wide range of films for young and old.

        14u30compilation Bert en Ernie - Sesame Street(3+) and The Flinstones (5+)
        16u30compilation Popeye (5+) andBatman (9+)
        20u00Compilation of the tv oevreof Wim T. Schippers
        21u00Roman Polanski's Le Locataire (The Tenant) (FR, 126 min.)

        Practical info
        Thursday 7/12/2012 from 2.30 p.m.

        Beach of Zeebrugge next to the event platform

        Free entrance

      • 14u30 till 23u
      • strand Zeebrugge

Press contact

Manon Billiet - vzw Brugge Plus - 050 44 20 03 of manon.billiet@bruggeplus.be

Sarah Bauwens - Musea Brugge - 050 44 87 08 of sarah.bauwens@brugge.be

Press kit: download here

High resolution photographs

Johnny Dowd
Capitaine Lonchamps
David Bade
Don Van Vliet
Emile Salkin
Fred Bervoets
George Condo
Herr Seele
Jan Fabre
Jeff Olson
Jeroen Henneman

Kati Heck
Luc Tuymans
Markus Lüpertz
Max Ernst
Otto Dix
René Daniëls
René Magritte
Stephen Tunney
Werner Mannaers
Wim Delvoye
Yves Obyn